The Empty Throne of Vican Bearcharger

Otma & Amto Ousted at the Inn

(Supplemental article from the “Newthrone Oracle” under the main story titled “Doraga Bearcharger Missing!”)

As evening fell on the first day of the festival and news of the Duke’s missing daughter spread another story was beginning.

The House Ghallanda Inn was visited by some unwelcome guests in local bandits Otma & Amto Cker. Unfortunately for them they were met by a band of solstice revelers who didn’t take kindly to threats and intimidation.

Both brothers and a handful of their clansmen were felled after demanding all but the fillings in these adventurers maws. Not willing to so easily part with their hard earned coin, Otmo and Amto were dispatched by some unconventional means. House Ghallanda Barkeep Bo explains, “I told them to get out, Venk banned them over a year ago when they tossed that gnome through the upstairs window and stole my arm. Well they didn’t listen to me and these guys, these guys just went crazy on them. One guy turned into a dog and puked this gross bugball at them. Then this half-naked dwarf smashed up Otmo and this rakish looking guy shoots up the place. This elf guy was shooting arrows all over and other guys, I think they were magic guys were just crazy. I’m gonna be cleaning that bugball all week. Do you think they’ll search their bandit camp and find my arm?”

Newthrone overseer Rourke was so impressed with this new group that it is rumored he hired them to aid in the search for the duke’s daughter. I attempted to interview who I assume is the rather imposing dwarf from Bo’s recount as he left the inn the next morning but he declined to be interviewed and would not give his name. He did offer the business end of his hammer, but this reporter declined.

Edwin R Burrow, Staff Writer

EXP 390 / Gold 10 each


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