Vican Bearcharger

Duke of Newthrone in Q'Barra


The “Untouchable” Duke of Newthrone was a veteran warlord in The Last War. Fought in numerous battles but was seemingly invincible, barely wounded in any battle he fought.

  • Warlord
  • Veteran of The Last War
  • Father of Doraga
  • Husband to Aeren
  • Proud, fair, benevolent but…
  • Obsessed with success, winning in battle
  • Physically imposing for an elf.
  • Nicknamed “Bearcharger” by soldiers as an ironic nickname for an elf, it stuck when he lived up to the name.
  • No tolerance for crime in Newthrone has earned him many enemies.
  • Given Duke position in Newthrone as a reward for his service.

Vican Bearcharger

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